Salts that are now available

  • Funky Chicken

Come on ... Let’s get FUNKY!!! 

This salt has taste that will make your tongue get funky with your mouth.

So get on up and do the Funky Chicken,

You will love it.

  • Smoked Piggy

This is one of my favorite salts..

With the taste of smokey bacon, sundried tomato and the heat of the Naga, it will liven up almost anything you can eat.

Try it on your pasta dish to add another flavor dimension. 

  • Four Horsemen


This salt derives its flavors from four of the hottest peppers known to mankind,

It has the Ghost Pepper, Naga Morich, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion,

and the Carolina Reaper.


  •  Mayan Fire
















So if you like it HOT!!! …Give it a try.

Title. Double click me.


This Flaming selection was inspired by the Mayan People of Central America, whose spice blends of dark cocoa and chilies and Coffee are famous.

But this one is kicked up a little bit. Way Way UP !!!







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